Vintage Moroccan Caftan Unisex 1960s Gold Lame Green Brocade Size L XL


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

This is a striking Moroccan caftan dating to the 1960s featuring a very rich looking gold and green lamé/brocade fabric.  It is made in the traditional form of a Moroccan caftan, probably using fabric of French origin. The buttons do up on the left side, in other words, the buttons are on the right and the loops are on the left, which is more in keeping with a men’s garment, but I think that this could be used by either gender.  The piece is closed with buttons running the entire length of the front of the garment, except for a small area at the waist level where the buttons are missing, but the loops are present.  Why this is like this, I’m unsure, except that I think that the original owner didn’t want to do up all of the bottom buttons, so left them closed, removed the middle buttons, and would only do up the higher buttons.  There are eleven buttons missing.  The body of the garment is loose fitting and flares to the bottom.  There is a 14 1/2” slit at either side bottom.  The piece is fully lined in green viscose.

Label: Made in Morocco.  The label definitely has the look of a 60s era label.

Sizing: No size is indicated, but, being a loose fitting garment, this should fit a range of large to XL sizes, depending on whether you’re a man or woman - please rely on the following measurements for fit:

Shoulders:  24” across 

Sleeves:  18” 

Sleeve inseam:  15”

Bust:  54” around

Waist: 54” around

Length:  57”, measured flat

Condition:  Aside from the missing buttons, the label is detached on one side, easy to re-stitch, and there is a bit of fray to the right armpit, very minor, and a small 1” tear at the left armpit that just needs a few stitches.  Otherwise, the caftan looks great and will provide many years of use.

This is a beautiful example of 1960s Moroccan caftan - great hostess gown or lounging piece, striking gold fabric!