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Vintage Burberry London Silk Twill Scarf Girl w Dogs Burberry on a Blustery Day 34.5”


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

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This is a wonderful Burberry silk twill scarf captioned “Burberry on a Blustery Day”.  It features an illustration of a girl walking a dog on a windy day.  Also present are two other dogs that are loose on their leash and nine umbrellas that are flying about in the wind.  The breeds of dogs represented are typical British - the bulldog, the Westy and the foxhound.  The Burberry check is well represented, appearing on the girl’s skirt, the three dogs and on two umbrellas.  The edge is hand rolled to the back of the scarf.  I’m calling it vintage, but I’m unsure of its exact age - it may not be that old, but it certainly is quite unique.  It is printed with “Burberry London” at the lower right corner.


Color: Red, purple, rust orange, yellow green, brown, red brown, tan, black and white

Material: 100% silk twill

Sizing: 34.5” by 33.5”

Condition:  It is in very good condition with the exception of a small black mark at the bottom left (see last close-up photo) - I haven’t tried to have the scarf dry cleaned, so it may very well come out, although, it’s really not noticeable.  Any other dark areas in the photo are due to shadows.

This is a very nice quality scarf by Burberry featuring a wonderful illustration and attractive colour - whimsical yet gorgeous!