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Vintage 1960s Unused Mens Socks Doré Doré Rilsan Nylon Made in France Medium


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

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This is a pair of vintage 1960s unused mens socks still held together by a thread.  The socks were made of “Rilsan” nylon by Doré Doré of France, a venerable sock maker founded in 1819, probably the largest producer in France, and known for the quality of their production.  Rilsan was invented during the 1940s by 3 French chemists and is known as “polyamide 11” - it is considered one of the first biopolymers produced and is derived from the oil of castor beans.  It fell out of favour by about 1970 for most commercial applications because it cost 50% more to produce than regular nylon.  It is still produced but used only in demanding industrial and automotive applications where temperature and chemical/fluid resistance is required.  The socks have a long leg, measuring 15” in height, with a 9 3/4” foot unstretched.  They have a reinforced heel, top and toe, those parts being darker in color than the body of the sock.


Stamp: DD Made in France Medium on the toe.  The foot is printed with “Rilsan ® all nylon US Patent 3 015 945? RN 39 978 (difficult to make out, so not sure).

They are in excellent condition because they weren’t used and were well stored over the years. 

This is a great pair of socks - I would think that it would be very difficult to find socks made of Rilsan, and given its properties, probably would provide wonderful performance.  Nylon, but derived from castor beans - interesting!