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1920s 1930s Vintage Motorcycle Gloves Gauntlet Style Size 8


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

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This is a wonderful pair of 1920s or 1930s vintage motorcycle gloves made in a gauntlet style by the Glovers Craft Ltd of Montreal.  The earliest record that I could find of this company dated to 1921 and it mentioned that the company had been in business for twenty years at that point - the latest record was 1940, but they had changed their name to “reg’d” instead of “ltd” by that time, so these definitely date to the 1920s / 1930s era.  The “Art” within a pyramid that appears on the snaps looks very art deco inspired.

This pair of 1920s or 1930s vintage motorcycle gloves is made of black leather with somewhat hard shell gauntlet shields.  They have a button-snap wrist strap - the buttons are impressed with “Glovers-Craft Ltd Montreal” and with Art appearing vertically within a pyramid.  These type of gloves were also used by aviators of the period.  There is no size label, but the palm measures 4” across, so these 1920s or 1930s vintage motorcycle gloves are probably a size 8, maybe a size 8 1/2.  The gloves are in good condition for this type of glove with this age, but there is some wear, particularly to the first finger of the right hand - the surface leather is missing at the upper finger (see close-up photo).  There is wear also to the first finger of the left and both thumbs, although no missing surface leather (see close-up photos).  The edge of the gauntlet shields are worn and there is some wear to the inside lining of the shields (see close-up photo).  A leather treatment by a professional would be advisable to prolong use and improve appearance, but these are very well made and are quite robust. Motorcycle gauntlet gloves of this age are not that common, so any wear should be tolerated - they are signs of the history of use of the gloves and you can just imagine the bike that these were used with.

Excellent pair of 1920s or 1930s vintage motorcycle gloves - nice display pieces!