Vintage 1930s Tie Art Deco Necktie by W A Brophey


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

This is a vintage 1930s tie made by W.A. Brophey of Montreal, Canada.  W.A. Brophey, has an interesting history himself.  After working for Tooke for 20 years, he founded an umbrella company, but returned to Tooke seven years later.  Ten years later, he started up his umbrella company again, the W.A. Brophey Co. Ltd, which also produced neckwear, such as this tie.  Brophey died in 1938, but the company continued production, undergoing a name change during the early 1960s.  This vintage 1930s tie definitely pre-dates the “bold look”, which featured wilder patterns and wider ends - the bold look was introduced in 1948.  The tie has an art deco design feel to it, featuring leaves in gold, green and white against a copper brown background colour.  It measures 49” in length and has a width of 3 3/4” at its widest.  It has unlined ends and the label reads “Especially Imported Fabrics by Brophey” and “Resilient Construction” on the opposite side.   This vintage 1930s tie is in excellent condition with no pronounced wear, staining or other defect.  Wonderful quality vintage 1930s tie - sure to be noticed!