Vintage 60s Mens Silk Scarf Striped Black Shawl Brisson & Brisson


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

This is a large shawl-like vintage mens silk scarf featuring alternating blue, brown and silver grey stripes against a black background.  It has pulled fringe at either end. 

Age: 1960s

Label: Brisson & Brisson Est’d 1934 Montreal. Brisson & Brisson was an exclusive men’s clothing boutique located in Montreal that closed some 20 years ago.  It was favoured by the Canadian business and political elite and Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau was a regular customer there - Trudeau was quite the fashion plate in his prime, just look at some photos of him during the 60s and 70s.  Brisson & Brisson carried high-end private label fashion that was contracted to manufacturers of exclusive brands - they definitely worked with Brioni, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they also did business with Gucci.  Anything that you bought at Brisson & Brisson was of exceptional quality.  I’m unsure of who precisely made this, but it was most likely made in France.  I believe that Brisson & Brisson closed its doors some 15 years ago.

Material: No content label, but this mens silk scarf is a high quality silk fabric.

Size: This mens silk scarf measures 54” long including the 1 1/2” fringe at either side.  It has a width of 27 1/2”.

Condition:  This mens silk scarf is in excellent condition with no stains, wear or tear - this scarf looks like it saw little use and was well stored over the years.

This is a beautiful quality mens silk scarf - large size, attractive striping!