1950s Vintage Hudsons Bay Blanket Classic 4 Stripe Wool 4 pt


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

This is a vintage Hudsons Bay blanket made in the classic four colour stripe against a cream white background.  It is a 4 point blanket.  It has been laundered and has good nappe (finish).
Age: 1950-1955
Label: Hudson's Bay The Seal of Quality 100% Wool Made in England with US and Canadian registration numbers that measures 2 5/8” by 3 1/8”. This particular label in a smaller size was used during the later part of the 1941 to 1955 date range that this style of label was in use.
Condition: This vintage Hudsons Bay blanket is in very good condition.  The blanket came from a smoker’s home, but has been laundered and air dried - no is no evidence of odour.  Also, there is no pronounced wear or are there stains.  The white wool does have a yellowish tone, although the older wool was more in a cream tone, this vintage Hudsons Bay blanket appears to have yellowed.
Color: Off white, red, black, yellow and green
Material: 100% Wool
Sizing: 72” by 88”.  The standard for a 4 point vintage Hudsons Bay blanket is 72” by 90”, but slight shrinkage is normal after laundering.  Collectors always look for blankets that meet or exceed the standard size as shrinkage occurs with laundering.  The blanket weighs 5 lbs. and 4 oz. - the standard weight is 6 lbs, so this indicates some loss of wool nappe.
Despite the yellowish cast to the white, this is a very nice vintage Hudsons Bay blanket - the older blankets are of better quality than what they produce today.
Nice vintage Hudsons Bay blanket that will provide good warmth for years to come!