Vintage Earlys Witney Point Blanket 1960 3.5 Pt Indian Trade


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

This is a vintage Earlys Witney Point blanket made in England - Early's was the first manufacturer of point blankets and were the principle supplier to the Hudson's Bay Company for their blankets from about 1681 until the 1920s when Early's competitive position forced HBC to change suppliers. This vintage Earlys Witney Point blanket dates to between 1960 and 1964 - the label on this vintage Earlys Witney Point blanket was used during that period.  The blanket is made with the classic four colour stripe - red, green, yellow and deep indigo black.  This is a 3 1/2 point blanket - the point system was put into practice simply to indicate the size of a blanket.  3 1/2 point blankets now indicate a single bed sized blanket - I’m not sure that they still even make this size.  This vintage Earlys Witney Point blanket measures 69" wide by 93" long and weighs 5 lbs and 1.7 oz.  The standard size for a Hudson’s Bay 3 1/2 point trade blanket before 1970 was 63” by 81” with a weight of 5 lbs, so this vintage Earlys Witney Point blanket surpasses the Hudson’s Bay standard in size and weight, and is actually closer to a 4 point size (double bed), which is 72” by 90”.  The nap (finish) is very good on the blanket - it looks full and I doubt that this blanket saw much use and was certainly well cared for.  It is in very good condition with no tears, pronounced wear, stains or odour and looks very clean, so should be ready to use.   This is a wonderful quality classic vintage Earlys Witney Point blanket and a great wool Indian trade blanket for warmth either on a bed or for camping….