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Vintage Thai Silk Scarf Peacock Scene Bright Pink Violet Gold Thailand


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

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This is a striking vintage silk scarf made in Thailand, possibly by Jim Thompson.  Although there is no Thompson label or signature, I’ve seen early examples that were similar in style.  The scarf features peacocks in their habitat, which contains a tree and various plants, lit by a full moon overhead, so that a violet light is cast.  The colours are quite spectacular - bright pink, gold, black and green against an iridescent violet background.  The scene is framed by a gold band and a black border.

Sizing: 34 1/2” by 36”

Condition: It is in very good condition with no wear, tear, staining or odour.

This is a gorgeous scarf, otherworldly looking, really a piece of textile art, suitable for framing!