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Vintage Black Velvet Sewing Fabric Silk Screened & Sequined by Christoph Andreae


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

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This is a length of over 5 1/2 yards of sewing fabric made in Germany by prestigious fabric house Christoph Andreae, founded in 1687, and no longer in business.  Christoph Andreae was known as a maker of high quality velvet and silk - this came from the estate of a fashion conscious lady who spared no expense to buy what she liked.  This fabric is a beautiful quality black velvet that is silkscreened with a repeating motif in pink and white and decorated with repeating clusters of small pink sequins.  The end of the fabric is written on in yellow with an inventory number on the back side of where the metal button that reads “Christoph Andreae” is affixed.  The fabric has a width of 36” (1 yard), including the selvedge on either side.  Most of the items in the estate dated to the 1960s or 70s - this fabric would appear to date to the same time frame.  In like new condition, as it was well stored over the years - nice opportunity to acquire quality sewing fabric!