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Vintage 50s Green Sewing Fabric Fur Coat Lining Abstract Woven Motif 5 yds 2 pcs


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

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This is a great find - vintage green woven fabric, unused in a bolt that measures 54” or 136mm in width. I had 17 yards of this fabric, but now I have only 2 pieces remaining, each measuring a little over 2 1/2 yards, for a total of 5 yards in 2 pieces.  The fabric has a repeating abstract “circle and squiggle” motif woven into the Kelly green silk base, very 1950s design.  Please note that the top side has a satin finish while the underside is a matte weave and darker in colour.  This fabric was acquired from the liquidation of an old fur business, so obviously had been used to line fur coats, scarves or hats.  Judging by the appearance of the motif, I believe that this fabric dates to the 1950s.  I took a piece from the roll to perform a burn test and the result was a light lace-like ash that indicates most likely rayon or possibly weighted silk, I'm unsure.   

This is nice quality material in a striking green colour - wonderful if you need to re-line a fur coat, or perhaps could be used to make other items from scarves to pillows or anything else that you can think of!