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Vintage 1960s Biltmore Llama Narrow Brim Fedora or Trilby Hat Size 7 Medium


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

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This is a vintage 60s era men’s narrow brim fedora hat made by Biltmore of Canada.  Biltmore was founded in 1917 and was Canada’s premier hat maker, rival to Stetson.  In fact, after Stetson (Canada) went on a Canadian acquisition binge during the 1960s, Biltmore was able to eliminate its main competitor (Stetson) by buying it in 1970.  In 1982, after Biltmore filed bankruptcy, Stetson (USA) bought the assets of Biltmore, before they themselves filed Chapter 11 in 1986.  The Biltmore brand was withdrawn from the market from 1982 until 1988, when a group of Canadian investors revived it.  Biltmore has always been a quality maker, even producing the Dobbs and Knox brands in Canada.

The hat is made in a caramel brown toned fur felt that is designated as “Llama” - it has a llama hair finish (see photos).  It has a narrow brim that can be worn up or down, as desired and could be worn back on the head, ska-style.  The crown has a multi-strand satin rope band around its base that is decorated with two knot-end tassels and a feather at the left side.  The top of the lining is stamped with the Biltmore logo and with text that reads “Biltmore Llama Made in Canada”  It is sized as a 7 - it measures 22 1/8” around the sweatband and 6 1/2” by 7 7/8” across the opening.  The brim measures 1 7/8” in width at the front and the crown measures 5” in height.  The hat is in very good condition with the exception of a letter “P” written on the lining.  This is a nice quality hat in an attractive colour - nice hat!