Vintage 1960s Unused Cotton Sewing Fabric Silkscreened Floral Print Price Per Yd


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

This is vintage 1960s era cotton fabric that is silkscreen printed with a beautiful floral pattern in colours of red, pink, and metallic gold against a black background.  The fabric is unused in a bolt that measures 44” in width - there is no selvedge per se, but I think that the fabric was simply made like this.  I haven’t unfurled the bolt but I estimate that there are about 80 yards in the bolt - I am selling this fabric by the yard, so the price quoted is for two yards.    If you would like more than 2 yards please let me know.

This fabric was acquired from the liquidation of an old Canadian garment manufacturing business and was simply sitting in inventory for 60 to 70 years.    

This is rare fabric to find unused in a bolt like this - really quite gorgeous with the metallic gold accenting!