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Vintage 1950s Black Fedora Hat Fur Felt Bobby Lee Imperial Size XXL 7 7/8 2XL


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

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This is a super quality mens fedora hat dating to the 1950s.  The lining is stamped with “Bobby Lee Created by House of Distinction Imperial”.  Bobby Lee was a brand name of the Magill Hat Manufacturing Co. of Montreal, Canada, a company founded in 1895 by Isador Magill - please note that the quality created by Magill during the 1950s is quite different from what is now produced, as is the case with most of mens hat makers, quality took a nosedive during the mid-1960s for many makers.  I’ve handled a lot of vintage fedoras, and this is a beautiful quality hat - I would assume that the use of the word “Imperial” would place the hat as one of the finest that Magill made at the time.  The cardboard tag at the back of the sweatband reads size 7 7/8 which is very large, considered XXL.  It is very unusual to find a hat of this vintage in this extra  extra large size.  The hat is in excellent condition, very clean and in great shape - this has been very well cared for.  The hat is made of a quality fur felt in black.  The crown has a black grosgrain band and bow around its base and grosgrain on the edge of the brim. 

It measures 24 3/4” around the sweat band and 8 5/8” by 7 1/4” across the opening.  The brim measures 2 5/8” in width and the crown measures 5 3/8” in height. 

Attractive styling and excellent quality in very clean condition and in a rarely seen size - great looking hat!