Vintage 1940s Swing Tie Mens Purple Necktie Geometric Pattern Cohama by Berkley


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

This is a 1940s to early 1950s era mens fashion tie featuring a wonderful tooth edged circular shaped motif in red and white against a muted violet purple background.  The label reads “Cohama Deluxe Tailored by Berkley”.  It is appears to be made of a rayon twill - rayon was the fabric of choice starting during WWII due to the shortage of silk.  The necktie is in very good condition except for a very pale yellowish stain on the front (see photo), a bit of discolouration at the white circles on the narrow end, very minor as it won’t be seen under normal viewing and a tiny mark on the white lining at the wide end, again, very minor - otherwise, no wear, tear or staining.  A note of caution - do not apply a hot iron to the material. The tie measures 48” in length and has a width of 4 1/2” at its widest.  This is a striking tie - great period neckwear!