Dayak Tribe Baby Carrier Borneo Indonesia Mid 20th Century Woven Rattan Basket


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

This is a baby carrier that would have been used by a member of the Dayak tribe of Borneo, Indonesia.  The carrier is made of woven rattan cane over a wood base.  It has a wood plank seat that is secured with pegs and rope that is attached to the woven shoulder straps.  These baby carriers are usually decorated with beaded panels that are affixed to the exterior, but there is no panel affixed to this one.  Despite this, the woven basket work is quite beautiful on its own and obviously would have taken quite some time to make.  I’ve seen similar examples that were dated to circa 1930-1940.  The Dayak Tribe is feared in Borneo due to its reputation for the practice of head hunting - I would think that Western contact would have been limited, so this is a nice acquisition and would make an attractive display piece.  It measures 13 1/4” in height, 8 1/4” in depth at the seat, exclusive of the straps, and 14” in width.  Nice acquisition for someone interested in indigenous art…..