Antique Victorian Crazy Quilt Velvets Woven Silks Cats Mice Dwarves 55 x 72 1890


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

This is a wonderful handmade Victorian era crazy quilt featuring antique fabrics including woven silk scenes of a nattily dressed mouse and cat and a group of dwarves standing around what I think is an oversized flaming Christmas pudding.  The fabrics utilized are high quality, mostly silks, some embroidered, but also silk velvets and some printed cotton.  There are a number of different embroidered or applied shapes/motifs incorporated into the overall design, including a hand in a heart, a beaver, an oxbow, a horseshoe, a crescent moon, a darning egg, scissors, a cross, stars and flowers. Each corner has an embroidered floral design.  The periphery is made in purple velvet and the quilt is backed in purple silk taffeta.  The piece is edged in ochre coloured silk.  The quilt measures 55” by 72”.  It is in beautiful original condition - the only damage that I could find is a tear to the piece with the darning egg on it (see 12th close-up photo) and a tiny rip to the edging on the backside, both very minor and easily repaired if desired.  I believe that the quilt dates to the 1890s.  This is a beautiful example of one of these in great condition - this obviously came from a high-end home!