Antique Pillow Embroidered Rose Flowers c 1920 Cushion


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

This is a beautiful antique pillow dating most likely to the 1920s, possibly 1910s.  The top of this antique pillow is completely covered with embroidery featuring roses and other flowers.  The sides of the pillow are covered in satiny fabric in a gold toned colour while the back is in a yellowish toned satiny fabric.  The pillow is quite large, measuring about 25” by 17”, and has a thickness of 7”.  It is in very good condition - it might benefit from a cleaning, but is very acceptable to use as is.  Also, there is a small scuff on the back of the pillow, very minor 

This is a lovely antique pillow - a lot of work went into embroidering this!