Antique Handmade Madeira Cutwork Linen Tablecloth


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

This is a beautiful old tablecloth made in a round shape, perfect for a small, round table.  The piece has a white linen center to which is affixed a webbed corded border with Madeira style embroidered cutwork roses.  The piece has a white tatted lace edge and the zigzag cording is a light peach pink color.  I believe that all work was done by hand - this came from an old estate with other lace that was all handmade.  The solid center linen piece measures 29” in diameter while the lace border measures 15” in width - total diameter of the tablecloth including the lace border is 59”.  The piece is in very good condition with no stains, breaks or pronounced wear - this tablecloth looks to have seen little use and was well loved and stored over the years.  I'm unsure of its exact age, but I would think that it pre-dates 1930.

This is a gorgeous piece - fabulous accent for a table and a wonderful decorative accent.