Antique British Flag Patriotic Scarf Hand Woven Wool Boer War Era


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

This is a very old scarf featuring crossed British Union Jack flags as the main motif.  The piece is hand woven in striking colours of orange, red, blue and lime green and the flags are hand embroidered.  It is a difficult piece to date precisely, but the general look of it says turn of the century to me, maybe Boer War era, but I can’t be sure.  Stylistically, it has an angularity to it, but I do think that it is pre-deco era.  It is in very good condition with no stains and only a few tiny places where the nappe (finish) is missing - otherwise, no holes, and this has survived very well over the many years.  The work is quite intricate on this piece, please view the enlarged photos. 

This is an unusual piece - definitely a one-of-a-kind and a wonderful addition to a collection!