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1920s Vintage Quebec Ceinture Fléchée French Canada Sash 12’


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

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This is a very long vintage Quebec ceinture fléchée - a traditional French Canadian woven wool belt that was originally worn by French Canadian voyageurs and Métis people.  I acquired this from a lady who told me that it was her grandfather’s - his name is still affixed to it and reads “W.J Mackay”.  The label font is deco looking, so I would think that this dates to the 1920s or 30s.   It does not have the tight weave of a 19th century example, but is still tighter and more complex than modern examples.  What differentiates this vintage Quebec ceinture fléchée is the length - 140” including the hand twisted fringe.  The belt itself measures 90” in length with each fringe measuring 25” long.  The belt has a width of 7”.  This vintage Quebec ceinture fléchée is in very good condition - a pull or two, but really well preserved.

This is a nice old example of a vintage Quebec ceinture fléchée!