Antique Edwardian Combination Chemise & Drawers 1 Piece Sz S


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

This is a wonderful ladies’ antique Edwardian combination undergarment, which is a pair of drawers and a chemise in one piece.  This antique Edwardian combination was meant for informal day wear or sports wear, at least what passed for women’s sports at that time.  This antique Edwardian combination is made of white cotton that is eyeleted and embroidered with a floral design at the upper front, back, capped sleeve edges and bottom leg openings.  The drawers are completely open at the crotch and inside legs, a sign that this combination dates to the early Edwardian period, circa 1902.  The chemise section does up with cloth covered buttons and ties at the neck with ribbon.  The pink ribbon is my addition - the capped sleeve edges have older white ribbon.  It is easy to change the ribbon to whatever colour that you may wish.  The waist does up with ties that are drawn through the waistline.  

Sizing: No size is indicated on this antique Edwardian combination, and although this should fit a small size (note the waist), please rely on the following measurements for fit:

Shoulders and sleeves: 18” across the top

Bust: 40”-42”, around

Waist: 22” with no gap, 24” with a small gap - a larger gap would accommodate a larger waist 

Hips:  36”-38”

Overall length: 43”, taken at the back from the neck

Condition: This antique Edwardian combination is in very good condition with no wear, tear, staining or odour -  it looks like it saw little use and well stored over the years.  

These antique Edwardian combinations are not very common - lovely period undergarment!