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Vintage WWII Era Shawl Silk Brocade Taj Mahal Style


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

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This is a wonderful WWII era piano shawl or tasseled scarf or tablecloth made in the “Taj Mahal” style.  Although similar to a Taj Mahal shawl in construction and material, this example features woven representations of pagodas, Mount Fuji, dragons, phoenix birds, tigers and flowers.  The colors are quite unusual and very striking in tones of bright green, bright pink, bright yellow, purple and white - fabulous!  The piece has a long, knotted tassel.  It measures 32” by 33”, exclusive of its 11” tassel - including the tassel, overall dimensions would be 43” by 44”.  It is in excellent condition - this looks to have been folded and put away without being used - the colors are bright and there are no stains or wear or tear.  This type of shawl is usually described as being of silk brocade - I’m not sure if it is silk, but it is definitely silky and has a wonderful lustrous appearance.  

Although this shawl doesn’t have the Taj Mahal pattern on it, it has a wonderful array of motifs, beautiful and different in a gorgeous color combination - a wonderful alternative!