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Vintage Tibetan Coral Beaded Breastplate Bib Collar w Belt and Necklace


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

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This is a large Tibetan breastplate or bib with a matching belt and neck collar that would have traditionally been worn by a wealthy woman for special occasions.  Each piece is fully beaded with coral beads and affixed at its centre with a turquoise embedded silver medallion.  The breastplate is further decorated with other beads and cowrie shells.  It has a rounded collar and is backed with black fabric.  The belt has amber pieces affixed to either side of the central silver and turquoise piece, and is edged in other beading and the necklace is accented with brass pieces and black beads.  The necklace is made in a choker style and ties with fabric at the back of the neck while the belt also is secured with black fabric ties as is the breastplate.  The breastplate measures 18” high from the middle to its highest point by 18” in width at its widest.  The belt measures 21 1/2” in length (beaded part only) and the necklace measures 9” in length with a 6 3/4” fabric tie at either side.  All three pieces are in very good condition - a few cowrie shells missing to the left edge of the breastplate, and a few beads missing to the top edge of the belt as well as a slight bit of blackish marking to the lower right of the breastplate, minor and probably could be cleaned with some patience, but really not noticeable under normal viewing.  Otherwise, these three pieces have been well kept.


Impressive set, especially the large breastplate!