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Vintage 1960s Brown Wool Cape or Cloak with Hood Hand Made by Mignonne Corbo


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

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This is both a wonderful hand made brown wool cape or cloak with attached hood and an interesting piece due to its maker.  The label on the inside of the cape reads “Fait Main Par Mignonne C Corbo”. 

I would say that this cape probably dates to right around that time - mid-60s.  It is a very nice quality piece, wonderfully structured and expertly constructed - you can tell just by the stitching on the interior seams and the attention to detail. The wool is tightly woven and of a medium weight, very nice quality.  The cloak closes with a single snap at the neckline and with three buttons down the front.  There is a large patch pocket built onto either front side and there are arm openings at either side.  It is unlined.  This should fit a range of sizes from medium to large - it measures about 52” around the chest, but this space has to accommodate the arms, the cloak has a length of 45” at the front and is cut with a full flare, measuring 94” around the hemline.  The cloak is in very good condition with no pronounced wear, tear, staining or odour.  

This is a wonderful cape, but also an interesting conversation piece with a bit of a connection to a piece of Quebec history. Mignonne Corbo was born in 1909 as Mignonne Coté and married Italian Canadian businessman Nicola Corbo.  They had a very comfortable life, living in the Town of Mount Royal, a wealthy Montreal district.  Their son Jean came under the influence of members of the FLQ, the Front de Liberation du Quebec, a separatist group known for violent acts in the pursuit of their goal of separating Quebec from Canada.  In 1966, at the age of 16, Jean was chosen to place a bomb in the English owned Dominion Textile factory.  Unfortunately, Jean blew himself up on the way to planting the bomb.  The story is the subject of the 2015 Quebec film titled “Corbo”.