Vintage 1980s Cocktail Hat Black Straw w Horsehair Net Brim & Polka Dot Sequins


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

This is a very cute cocktail hat dating to the glamorous 1980s.  It is made of fine quality black straw with black moiré ribbon sitting on top of a “horsehair” braid net ruffle and horsehair net brim, which is decorated with large round black sequins.  Horsehair, of course, is not real horsehair, but a millinery term for this type of netting.  The hat has a spaghetti strap that would aid in keeping the hat in place.  It is a difficult hat to size, but I would think it would accommodate a range of medium to large sized heads.  It is in very good condition except for a small separation in the horsehair at either side edge (see last close-up photo).  There is no label, but this was obviously made by a good milliner.  Wonderful hat…..