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Vintage 1950s Hattie Carnegie Printed Bucket Hat Size M


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

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This is a vintage 50s era bucket hat made by Hattie Carnegie .  This is a wonderful example of Hattie Carnegie design - very structured and well constructed.  The hat is made of a printed wool jersey that is concentrically stitched overall.  The print is of fall foliage in tones of charcoal grey and ochre brown against an off-white background.  There is a matching wide band around the base of the crown that crosses at the back and the brim of the hat is turned down.  The interior of the hat is lined in a white voile fabric.  

Label: Hattie Carnegie - Hattie Carnegie is an iconic American designer, having started as a hatter in 1909 and subsequently as a dressmaker in 1919.  She regularly made trips to Paris in order to bring back the latest European fashion for American women. She offered Parisian originals by Vionnet, Lanvin, Molyneux, Lanvin, Schiaparelli, Chanel, Charles James, Patou and Mainbocher and her own interpretations in her New York salon.  Hattie Carnegie passed away in 1956 after having exerted a huge influence on American fashion throughout her life.

Sizing: No size is indicated on this hat, and although this should fit a medium size, about a size 7, please rely on the following measurements for fit:

Circumference of the interior crown opening:  21 1/2”.  The downturned brim has a width of 2 1/2” at the front and 2” at the back.  The height of the crown is 4 1/2” (exclusive of brim)

Condition: It is in very good condition with no wear, tear, stains or odors.  It looks like this hat saw little use and was very well kept over the years.  

This is a beautifully made hat by Hattie Carnegie - iconic American fashion!