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1940s Vintage Wide Brim Hat by Laddie Northridge - Pink Straw


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From the 40s  here's a hat made by Laddie Northridge.    Northridge was one of the most important milliners during the 1930s through to the 50s, an era when hat designers such as John Fredericks and Lilly Daché were better known than dress designers. 

This hat is made of an excellent quality pink colored straw.  The brim is wider at the sides and front than at the back and its edge is scalloped.  The front of the brim is downturned and the brim is decorated with pink and white silk flowers, I believe roses, with green leaves and stems.  The brim measures 5” in width at the front and sides and 2 1/2” in width at the back. The crown is round and fairly low - it has a depth of about 2” - the hat measures 12” by 16” across the brim.  The sweatband measures 20” around, but because the crown is meant to sit on the top of the head, this should fit a medium sized head.  I’ve posed it in a number of ways, although I think that this should have been worn tilted back - depending on how you wish to wear it, a hatpin might be helpful.  This appears to have been custom made, but the hat has a Holt Renfrew label in addition to the Laddie Northridge label.  The hat is in very good condition with no pronounced wear or other defect.

 Label: Laddie Northridge Custom Made 16 W 57th St. New York

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This is a beautiful quality hat....difficult to find exceptional examples like this by Laddie Northridge....