Vintage 1930s Brown Straw Tilt Hat S M L


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

This is a fabulous 1930s era tilt hat.  The hat has a grosgrain crown that is finely striped with silk threads in colors of green, yellow, purple, coral and black.  The rest of the hat is made of concentrically constructed brown woven straw.  It has a face veil that is edged in matching brown straw ribbon.  I’m unsure of the size, but the sweatband measures 16 1/2” around the opening - because it is supposed to sit on the top of the head, it should fit a range of sizes small to medium.  The hat is secured onto the head with the help of an attached grosgrain band. 

The hat is in very good condition, there is one very small tear to the netting towards the bottom left near the straw border, it is around the area that one would be tying to the back of the head to hold the net in place so would not show.

This hat looks to have seen little or no use and was well stored over the years.  There is no label.   

This is a wonderful example of a 1930s tilt hat, very striking!