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Vintage 1930s Princess Pat Hair Nets on Point of Sale Display


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

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This is a wonderful point of sale display piece advertising “Princess Pat Nets”, complete with 16 or so hair nets displayed on it, ready for sale.  Each hair net has a “premium coupon” attached to it and the original cost for each was 10 cents.  These are described as “P.87 Medium Brown Elastic Chin Strap” hair nets.  The display is made of cardboard and measures 14 1/2” in height with a width of 12 1/2” at the base.  It is in very good condition except for a crease to the right side of the base.

The story of the Princess Pat brand is very interesting, started by husband and wife team Max and Fannie Gordon.  They established their cosmetics business in 1907 and launched the Princess Pat brand in 1921.  The brand was named after a granddaughter of Queen Victoria’s, Princess Patricia, who was very popular in Canada due to being the daughter of Canada’s Governor General.  She renounced her Royal titles in 1919 after falling in love with a commoner, thereby becoming a romantic figure for an emerging modern world.  The model used in this display piece had a silhouette similar to Princess Patricia - the Gordons would use any association to Princess Patricia that they could in their marketing materials.  An interesting blog outlining the history of the Gordon’s and Princess Pat can be found online at:


This is a wonderful collectible piece of vanity accessory advertising along with a nice collection of hair nets!