Vintage 1930s LE Smith Black Amethyst Glass Vase Loving Cup Trophy Form Dancing Nymphs


Brand Etsy

This is a black amethyst glass vase made in a loving cup or trophy form by LE Smith, most likely at the Greensburg Glass Works, located in Greensburg, PA. The Greensburg Glass Works was known for its production of black glass and was acquired by the L.E. Smith Glass Co. in 1920. The front features a raised image of dancing nymphs. The vase measures 7 1/4 in height with a top diameter of 4. It is in very good condition with no chips, cracks or wear. The glass looks solid black, but if you shine a flashlight through the glass, you will see the purple colour. This is a wonderful piece of art deco glass.....great display piece for a fireplace mantle or wherever you choose!