Vintage 1920s Newlock Bobby Pins Original Store Display Box with 648 Bobbie Pins


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

This is a 1920s era store display box for Newlock bobby pins made in England.  This came out of an old general store.  There are 36 banded bundles of bobby pins with about 18 bobby pins in each bundle.  There are 12 bundles with a cream coloured band, 12 with a red coloured band and 12 with a light green coloured band.  Some of the bundles appear to have 17 pins, but I may have miscounted - if there are 18, the total would be 648 bobby pins.  I’m not sure if the bobby pins are actually Newlock as they look different from the bobby pins shown on the interior advertisement label, but they definitely are old and most likely contemporary to the box.  The advertisement reads “The Newlock All British Pin Ideal for Bob Ideal for Shingle Light Grip Tight Grip No Slip Made in England Invisible When In Use”.  The exterior of the box in finished in maroon red textured paper that is gold stamped “Newlock”.  The interior of the box is in very good condition, but the exterior is worn with a small seam split at the back - the ribbons are in place that hold the cover in display position and the box looks great when displayed open like that.  

This is a wonderful vintage display piece - rather rare and a wonderful addition to a hair accessory collection!