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Vintage 1920s Mens Raccoon Fur Coat Ivy League Football Sz M


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This is a wonderful 1920s era mens raccoon fur coat, a must-have fashion popular with Ivy League college students during the 20s and 30s.  This mens raccoon fur coat was made in Montreal by the furrier Charles Desjardins - you can read about this furrier further below.  This mens raccoon fur coat is made in a shorter style than normally seen in photographs of the era but I’ve seen 1920s era photos of men wearing this shorter style.  It has an eight button double breasted front - you can leave the top button undone or done (see different poses in the photos).  The buttons are quite large and are secured by woven cloth loops. This is the type of coat that young men would wear to football games and other activities.  This mens raccoon fur coat is made with a rounded shawl collar and has a pocket at either side.  It also has two interior fur trimmed pockets as well as a small pocket.   This mens raccoon fur coat can be closed either to the right or left. 

Label: Chas. Desjardins & Cie Limitée Montreal.  Charles Desjardins founded his company in 1877 - the company grew rapidly but Desjardins purchases all of the pelts himself for the first 30 years.  Early in the 20th century he moves his business to a large store on St Denis Street.  The store has luxurious displays, a large central aisle and two rows of galleries.  I’ve reproduced a postcard showing the interior - note all of the pelts, animals heads and hat boxes shown in the photo (see last photo).  The business closed in 2017, after 140 years.

Sizing: No size is indicated on this mens raccoon fur coat, but it should fit a medium size probably a US size 40 - it might fit a US size 42, but would be a little snug - please rely on the following measurements for fit (compare measurements with a similar coat that you presently own or to your own body measurements, taking the cut of the garment and thickness of fur into account):

Shoulders: 18” across from shoulder/sleeve seam to shoulder/sleeve seam

Sleeves: 24” from the shoulder/sleeve seam

Sleeve inseam: 16”

Chest:  44” around, taken under the arms

Waist:  46” around

Hips:  50”

Overall length:  38”, measured flat at the back from the neck seam

Condition:  This mens raccoon fur coat is in very good condition, especially considering its age.  Raccoon tends to be a fairly robust fur - there are no splits or repairs to the fur pelts.  The brass neck chain has a bit of verdigris, but this is easily cleaned.  This mens raccoon fur coat has been very well cared for over the years.

This is a rather rare mens raccoon fur coat - I don’t think that too many of these authentic 20s era mens raccoon fur coats have survived to today.  Great coat to wear to a football game or wear in your Ford Model T if you want to recreate the good old days!