Victorian Dressing Gown Pink Fleece Wool Flannel with Leg O' Mutton Sleeve


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

From the Victorian Era here is a pink boiled fleece wool flannel ladies dressing gown. 

The wool is very thick with nubs and the interior is a softer flannel wool.  It is not lined, it

is simply that the interior of the fabric is different from the outer.

It has leg 0' mutton sleeves and does up with 19 mother of pearl buttons and it has a silk corded sash.

The measurements make it appear to be large but it is a small size as the shoulders are quite small - Please note the following measurements for fit:

Bust:                38"

Waist:               42"

Hips:                 56"

Shoulders:        15"  

Sleeves:            23"

Overall Length:  58" at the back, it is slightly longer in the back

                          54" at the front


Condition:  It is in very good condition, the only flaw is that there is fading in areas, mainly in the folds which is simply due to natural light fading the color.

One does not come across this kind of robe very often from the 1890s.