Victorian Antique Easter Egg Bisque Figural Planter of Bunny Rabbit with Woman Figurine


Brand Etsy

This is a wonderful antique painted bisque figural planter made in the form of a Victorian era woman on one side of an egg form with an oversized bunny rabbit on the other side of the egg. The piece is unmarked, but most likely of continental European origin, probably German, possibly French. The piece is beautifully painted and decorated with flowers at the front and punctuated with raised gold dotting. The figures are also very well modelled with good detail - note that the arms on the woman are away from her body and her dress and feet are also well done. It measures 7 3/4 in width, 5 in depth and 6 in height at the woman. It is in very good condition with just small petal chips to the purple flower and maybe to the pink rose (see last close-up photo), very minor and typical of these bisque flowers, which seem to always have petal chips. Otherwise, this has survived for well over a century with no other damage and looks great - the main focus is on the bunny and lady, so you dont even noticed the flower chipping. This a fabulous Victorian Easter themed figural piece - whimsical oversized bunny, great addition to an Easter collection!