French Art Deco Pochoir Print of 1922 Dress Gazette du Bon Ton No 8 VI


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

This is a wonderful art deco pochoir print taken from the Paris publication Gazette du Bon Ton.  The Gazette du Bon Ton was an influential magazine founded by Lucien Vogel in 1912 and published until 1925.  It was a high end publication, differentiated from competitors like Vogue and L’Art et la Mode by being available only to subscribers at an expensive rate of 100 Francs per year.  They signed exclusive contracts with seven of the top Paris couture houses, Cheruit, Doeuillet, Doucet, Paquin, Poiret, Redfern and Worth, adding Beer, Lanvin, Patou and Martial & Armand after WWI.  There were ten full page fashion plates per issue, seven couture designs and three illustrations inspired by couture for that season.  Famous art deco artists were hired to illustrate for the magazine, including Georges Barbier, Paul Iribe and Erté.

This print was made using the pochoir technique, which was produced by applying each flat color separately using stencils.  It is illustration number 6 in the 8th issue of 1922.  I’m unsure of the couturier, but it is a striking pure art deco dress.

The print was packaged by the Exhumation Gallery of Princeton, NJ, probably during the mid-1970s.  It is matted and sealed in shrink - I have not removed it from the shrink.  The only defect that I can see is a tiny paper indent to the left of the model’s neck, quite minor.

This is a wonderful original fashion pochoir print from 1922 - beautiful display piece!