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Harper’s Bazaar Magazine 1963 Melvin Sokolsky Bubble Photos


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This is a back issue of Harper’s Bazaar dating to March, 1963.  This issue features the iconic Melvin Sokolsky bubble photos.   Sokolsky was 21 when he joined Harper’s Bazaar in 1963 and proposed his audacious concept of shooting models floating in bubbles while wearing Paris high fashion.  The Melvin Sokolsky bubble photos were not easy to shoot in the era before photoshop - the bubbles had to be suspended by cranes and a whole team was required to coordinate the shoot.  The issue also features Paris and American fashion collections and has model Simone D’Alliencourt wearing Nina Ricci on the cover.  It consists of 226 pages plus cover - the cover is a fold down advertisement for Lilli Ann, another idea by Melvin Sokolsky.  Most of the magazine, including the Melvin Sokolsky bubble photos, is in black and white, but there are a few colour pages.  The magazine measures 9 3/4” by 12 3/4” and is only very good condition - a bit of pinkish colour to the top cover and also a bottom corner crease to page 1, both very minor.  Otherwise, the magazine is clean throughout. 

This is a wonderful magazine featuring the iconic Melvin Sokolsky bubble photos!