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Vintage Stetson Sovereign Velour Fedora Hat Challenger Mens Size 8 XXXL 3XL


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

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This is a wonderful Stetson “Challenger” velour fedora “homburg” styled hat made in the “Sovereign” quality.  The Sovereign line was a better quality line, more expensive that the Royal and Royal Deluxe lines.  The lining is printed “Challenger by Stetson” and the sweatband is gold stamped “The Sovereign Stetson” with the Stetson logo that has stars in the upper left rather than a maple leaf.  The sweatband is also stamped "Genuine Velour" and with the original owner's initials "LF".  The foil label on the sweatband states that it is a size “8”, which is a size XXXL or 3XL, very very large.  It measures 25” around the sweatband and 8 3/8” by 7 3/8” across the opening.  The edge of the brim is turned and the crown has a single gutter crease, like a homburg.  The hat is in a very attractive medium brown tone.  The crown has a rope band that is decorated with a feather.  It is in very good condition with no pronounced wear, tear or soiling - the velour is slightly matted in a couple of vertical lines, front and back, but I’m sure that this can be steamed out.  Otherwise, this is very clean and obviously well cared for over the years.  Difficult to date precisely, but I would think late 1960s era because of the style, quality and foil size tag, but possibly early 70s. In any case, this is a very nice quality hat in an attractive brown colour - almost impossible to find quality vintage fedoras in this 3XL size, so this is a great acquisition if it fits!