Art Deco Hand Painted Pottery Vase Made in Japan w Sparkle Decoration 8


Brand Etsy

This is a 1930s art deco era Japanese pottery vase that is hand painted in tones of ochre, orangey red, green, black and gold. The black band around the bulbous part of the vase is decorated with deco interpretations of roses that are covered with sparkles in tones of pink, green and gold. It is made in an attractive form - I believe that the decoration takes its inspiration from Japanese Ginbari enamel. The underside of the vase is impressed with Made in Japan. The vase measures 8 in height. It is in very good condition with no chips or cracks but does have some minor sparkle loss and a tiny bit of paint loss around the top rim and underside as well as a tiny gouge in the body, really nothing major - this vase displays very well.
This is a rather unusual piece - interesting acquisition for the collector of Japanese ceramics.