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Antique Victorian Miser Purse Cut Steel Bead Knit Coin Bag


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

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This is an antique Victorian miser purse that is knit in a maroon toned purple coloured fabric and decorated with cut steel beads.  I’ve had this purse and used to wear it some 45 years ago, but it’s been in my drawer ever since.  It has wonderful cut steel tassels.  The centre metal rings would be slid right or left to access either side of the tubular bag and then separated right and left to secure coins that would be held in either cavity.

Sizing:  This Victorian miser purse measures 14” long exclusive of the tassels. 

Fabric:  Difficult to identify - maybe a blend of cotton and silk or wool and silk, hard to know for sure but appears to be sturdy

Condition:  This Victorian miser purse is in very clean condition with no noted defect - this is a very well preserved example.

Miser-like purses originated during the 16th century, and became popular as a ladies’ fashion accessory during the mid-18th century - women would wear these folded over a belt.  This Victorian miser purse most likely dates to late Victorian era.  

Beautiful quality - striking with the cut steel beads against the maroon background!