Antique Royal Doulton Dutch Harlem Seriesware Mini Handled Vase or Loving Cup Charles Noke


Brand Etsy

This is a Dutch Harlem seriesware small loving cup or doubled handled vase designed by Charles Noke for Royal Doulton. Dutch Harlem was introduced in 1904 and produced until 1943 - the series consisted of 35 different in a number of different shapes. This particular piece dates prior to 1922. and appears to be difficult to come by as I could not find a comparable shape. The piece is stamped on the underside with the Royal Doulton backstamp used between 1901 and 1922 and is hand numbered D1886 - it is also impressed with Doultons and the number 0930. It measures 3 7/8 in height and about 4 1/2 across its handles. It is in very good condition with the exception of a glaze flake to the top edge and a glaze skip on the ladys skirt, original to the making of the piece - the glaze flake on the top edge could easier be touched up. Otherwise, theres a few craze lines to the upper glaze at the upper area, but this isnt visible unless inspecting with a magnifying glass. Great addition to a Royal Doulton Dutch Harlem collection, or just a wonderful display piece - I especially like the design on the back of the piece, really interesting perspective!