Antique Flow Blue Vase Blue and White China Floral Design


Brand Etsy

This is a wonderful antique vase featuring a flow blue design of a different flower front to back - the vase is accented with gold paint. The underside is marked with an X in flow blue and with the number 622 in gold. Im unsure who the maker is - looks a bit like examples of Adderley that Ive seen, but could even be continental, I really dont know, but this is a really lovely piece. The piece measures 5 1/8 in height and has a diameter of approximately 3 3/4 at its widest - it weighs 8 oz. it is in very good condition with no chips, cracks or wear - there are blue marks to the bottom interior that are either original to the making of the vase or caused by this being used to store pens, Im unsure. Lovely deep inky blue on this beautiful little vase - a wonderful addition to a flow blue china collection......