Antique Black Straw Hat Wide Brim pre 1920s


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

This is a ladies black straw hat that I believe dates to the teens.  The hat is made of black straw with an irregular brim shaped in an oval form, wider on one side and in the front than in the back. It has a high, tilted crown and is decorated with flowers, pods and ribbon.  The opening measures 22 1/2” around, so this would fit a larger size, about a 7 1/4.  It is in very good condition - the top of the crown is a little unstitched in one spot (see last close-up photo) and in another spot where the brim meets the crown at the back of the hat, both minor issues.  Also, I noticed a line in the crown that could be either a repair or a sewn line where the ribbon was stitched, minor in any case and mentioned in the interest of full disclosure.  The interior of the crown has a black fabric lining.

This is a wonderful old hat - difficult to come across authentic old pieces like this, a great addition to a hat collection!