Vintage 1920s Shawl Silk Devore Velvet Floral Burnout


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

This is an absolutely gorgeous vintage 1920s shawl featuring “devoré” velvet, also known as burnout velvet, a process whereby the velvet, which is natural wood rayon based, is burned away with a chemical that does not affect the silk base.  The resulting floral pattern is nothing short of stunning in colours of pink, brown and beige against a very pretty blue background.  This vintage 1920s shawl has a hand knotted fringe in matching tones.

Sizing: 36” square excluding 16” fringe - including the fringe, the total size would be 68” square.  

Condition: This vintage 1920s shawl is in very good condition except for two small repairs that I had my seamstress make.  There had been a poorly done sewn repair and a small tear that she backed with a matching coloured chiffon and used a special fabric glue. I have shown the repairs both from the top and underside (see last four close-up photos) - they really are not visible under normal viewing, even difficult to detect with a close viewing.  Otherwise, the shawl is in great shape.

This is beautiful quality vintage 1920s shawl, rarely seen - gorgeous piece that would have graced the back of a 20s flapper!