Hats Off to... Hats

Mary Jane surround by vintage hats at Le Temps Perdu, Montreal, Canada (c.1979)

Mary Jane surrounded by vintage hats (Montreal, Quebec, Canada, c.1979)


I bemoan the loss of the hat as a vital summer fashion accessory. I know we still pull out warm, woollen things for autumn and winter, but spring and summer hats too often lay neglected, except for occasional, spectacle-style events (see Kentucky Derbies and Royal Weddings). I cannot say enough lovely things about modern milliners, but they are few and far between, and so many gorgeous vintage hats are still floating around in the world, waiting to be shown off. Aside from the beauty and whimsy of so many vintage hats, they also serve some important functions in a UV-saturated world: safeguarding the scalp from sun damage, shielding the face (broad-brimmed hats protect at the level of SPF 5), protecting delicate eyes from light damage, and keeping cool.

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July 25, 2015 by Katrina Enros

1937 Cigarette Ad with Gold Medal Skater Maribel Vinson

While unpacking a box today I ran across a Notre Dame Alumnus Magazine dated January 1937. To my surprise the back cover had this Chesterfield Cigarette ad with this illustration of a figure skater dressed in a gold figure skating outfit with matching gold ice skates. Instead of figure eights, the illustrator chose to write Chesterfield Wins on the ice. What is amazing is the fact that she is seen holding a cigarette while doing so! Times have certainly changed, this ad would never run today.

I couldn't help but wonder who this skater might be. I've come to the conclusion that this skater was Maribel Vinson. She won the Gold medal that same year for the North American championships in Boston and she also received a Silver medal in the pairs competition.

Sadly, her life ended tragically in 1961 when the plane she was traveling in as the coach for the US team at the 1961 World Championships in Prague, Czechoslovakia crashed in a field in Belgium. Her two daughters who were competing as well as everyone else perished in the crash. The games were canceled that year.