WWII Canadian Glass Tumbler FDR & Winston Churchill Patriotic War Effort


Brand Etsy

This is a WWII era glass tumbler featuring likenesses of President Franklin D Roosevelt and Winston Churchill, each draped in his countrys flag. At the bottom are three Maple Leafs, which indicates a Canadian origin. The overhead banner reads Hands Across The Sea. The back of the tumbler has crossed American and Union Jack flags with the caption Champions of Democracy. Roosevelt and Churchill met in Quebec, Canada in 1943, however, the banner Hands Across The Sea indicates to me that this tumbler pre-dates that and probably pre-dates American involvement in the war, when the US was being encouraged to provide material support to Britain - of course, Canada joined the war effort automatically when Britain declared war. The tumbler measures 4 5/8 in height with a top diameter of 2 5/8. I have four of these, price indicated is for one only. Each is in very good condition with no chips, cracks or wear. This appears to be a rather uncommon glass tumbler - there is an example in the FDR Presidential Library collection and I found a couple of others, but they are rarely seen. Nice display addition to a WWII collection!