WWI Flying Ace Captain Eddy Rickenbacker 1919 Speaking Contract with JB Pond Lyceum Bureau


Brand Etsy

This is an original copy of a contract entered into by Captain E.V. Rickenbacker (aka Eddy Rickenbacker) with the J.B. Pond Lyceum Bureau. This came from the estate of a very serious ephemera collector who was a university professor of history Eddy Rickenbacker was, of course, a WWI American military hero and Flying Ace with 26 kills to his name. J.B. Pond was an officer in the Union Army during the Civil War who went on to become a lecture manager - some of his other clients included Mark Twain, Winston Churchill and Henry Morton Stanley. The contract consists of one full page 8 1/2 by 14 with a bit of text on a second sheet. It clearly and simply states responsibilities and division of revenues, with 70% going to Rickenbacker and 30% to P.B. Pond. The contract is unsigned and a file copy, but it is original. It is in very good condition, just a small edge tear along the fold. Interesting historical document relating to a famous WWI Flying Ace...