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Wide Brimmed Hat 1930s Apple Green Straw with Millinery Flower


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

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This is a wide brim boucle straw hat made in a very striking bright green color. The hat is made with a short, small crown and a relatively wide brim and decorated with silk and velvet flowers. The velvet flowers are made to look like pansies. This style of hat is traditionally referred to by a number of names, but originally based on the "bergere" or "shepherdess" hat used during the 18th century. It is also called a "pancake" hat or a "Dolly Varden", which was a Dickens character popular during the mid nineteenth century. This hat has a black velvet ribbon around its crown and a black velvet bow on top of the hat. It has a black fabric strap that may have been elasticized, but now has no elasticity. The strap should actually be worn to the back of the head but it was a windy day outside when this was photographed.  The white flowers pictured in the photos were loosely attached and now are detached. You have the option of re-attaching them, however, I think that the hat looks much better with just the pansies on top of the crown.

The opening measures 14 3/4" around, but the hat is supposed to sit on top of the head and kept in place with the chin strap. The hat has a diameter of 13 1/2". It is in very good condition - you may have to adjust the chin strap to fit, or replace it with elasticized ribbon, but otherwise, the hat is in very good condition with the exception of the aforementioned detached floral spray, which is basically a non-issue.

This is a wonderful hat - great color, lovely style....sure to be noticed!