Vintage Wood Urn Lathe Turned Treen Jar


Brand Etsy

This is vintage wood urn featuring lovely grain and patina. I believe that the piece was turned on a lathe - the base appears to have been affixed to a stem with glue. The lid is made of one piece so the finial is not applied separately. The underside is hand inscribed with 111 - someone overwrote this with black marker. The style of 1 used in the inscription appears to be of an older style. Its difficult to date this precisely, but I think that it does have some good age. The piece has a height of about 11 1/2 to the top of lids finial. It is in very good condition with no chips or cracks - a knot is visible on the side, original to the wood, and it is very clean inside and out. This is an older example of a wood urn - could be used for a number of purposes!