Vintage Unused Silk Scarf Gold Silkscreened Floral Pattern Unfinished Edge 1950s NOS


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

This is a vintage silk scarf that is unused, but also was never finished at its edge.  The scarf dates to the 1950s and is printed with a wonderful abstract floral design that is very 50s era in conception.  It is silkscreen printed on white silk in neon chartreuse, red, green, black and pink as well as with metallic gold, something not often seen.  Two of the edges are white and one of the edges has ink notations on it that read “16 oz Pig - d after 16 Rep Gray K”.  Obviously, this was a production sample and the notation refers to a color change after a certain number of scarves would be printed.  The scarf measures 33 1/2” by 36 1/2” and is in excellent condition as it was never used.  Anyone with a sewing machine could easily finish the edges on this scarf in a few minutes.    

This is a wonderful 1950s scarf with very attractive colors and pattern - unusual to find unused old stock like this.....